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Race Report

2022 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

Circuit: Spa-Francorchamps (B), Length 7,003 km, 26th - 28th August 2022, Rounds 13 + 14

Ido Cohen (ISR), Federico Malvestiti (ITA), William Alatalo (FIN)

fiaf322 spa 01
© Dutch Photo Agency

Alatalo shines in Spa with two top ten finishes

The 2022 FIA F3 met up for their seventh race event of a total of nine as part of the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix 2022 program on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps (B) circuit. Spa is one of the most challenging venues on the calendar, and is one where good overtaking is to be expected. However, Spa is also known for being cool and wet!



Friday, 26/08/22, 15.30 – 16.00, Weather: Wet, 17°C

Free practice started on Friday morning on a damp track. With slick tires on the cars, William finished 14th, Ido was 17th and actually very close behind, and Federico was 25th.
Shortly before qualifying it started to rain quite heavily. Everyone opted for rain tires and the battle for starting positions began. Only in the second part of the session, after an interruption with the red flag, did the track dry out quickly and the drivers were able to put on the slicks. To get the best out of them, our drivers pushed their limits and the monitors lit up. Traffic and a yellow flag just before the end made it difficult for our drivers to move more to the front. William still qualified in a very good 13th place, just 0.04s off what could have been a pole position in the race with the reverse top 12 – a shame! Ido finished in 21st place, followed by Federico in 22nd place.

Race One Grid
1st Zak O’Sullivan (GB) Carlin  
2nd Juan Manuel Correa (USA) ART  
3rd Brad Benavides (USA) Carlin  
13th William Alatalo (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport  
21st Ido Cohen (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport  
22nd Federico Malvestiti (ITA) Jenzer Motorsport  

fiaf322 spa 02
© Dutch Photo Agency

Race Two Grid
1st Caio Collet (BRA) MP 2:11.289
2nd Zane Maloney (BRB) Trident 2:11.551
3rd Francesco Pizzi (I) Prema 2:11.988
13th William Alatalo (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport 2:12.494
21st Ido Cohen (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport 2:13.645
22nd Federico Malvestiti (ITA) Jenzer Motorsport 2:13.921

FIA F3 Championship

Race One (Sprint-Race, 40 Minutes)

Saturday, 27/08/22, 10.35, Weather: Overcast, 18°C

The sprint race started on Saturday morning in cold temperatures. Expectations were high and FIA F3 surely delivered on an eventful race. William had excellent reflexes when the lights went off at the start, immediately moving up from 13th to 8th place. Despite reporting a problem with his brakes, Ido had a clean start and found his way up to 18th place. Federico also get well underway and defended 23rd place. Already in the second lap, a safety car had to be deployed, neutralizing the race for several laps. On lap 6 the race got underway again and the drivers were eager to gain positions. Another dramatic turn of events saw two drivers making contact at high speed at Blanchimont on lap 7. Luckily both drivers were unhurt. To clean away the debris well the race got suspended with a red flag and the field made it's way back to the pitlane. William was now in 6th place, Ido in 18th and Federico in 21st. At 11:30, the race got back underway with the drivers following the Safety Car around for a rolling start. After the restart William went momentarily wide and even touching the gravel - which resulted in a drop of 4 positions. William was now in 10th place and had to build up his momentum again. He picked up speed fast and was determined to get the positions back. In the final lap, William was able to show some great moves with a bid dive on Vidales to snatch the 7th position from him. After that, taking advantage of the slipstream, William overtook Benavides and crossed the line in an excellent 6th place. Unfortunately, after the race start, Ido's brake issue started affecting his race a lot and the Israeli driver eventually had to retire his car in the pitlane right before the final laps. Federico fought hard throughout the race and was able to move up position after position. He eventually crossed the line in 19th position.

Results Race One
1st Oliver Bearman (GB) Prema 1:07.07.737  
2nd Roman Stanek (CZ) Trident Gap 4.762
3rd Alexander Smolyar (RUS) MP Gap 5.689
6th William Alatalo (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
19th Federico Malvestiti (ITA) Jenzer Motorsport    
25th Ido Cohen (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Jonny Edgar (GB) in 2:07.266

fiaf322 spa 03
© Dutch Photo Agency

FIA F3 Championship

Race Two (Feature Race, 45 Minutes)

Sunday, 28/08/22, 08.50, Weather: Overcast, 14°C

At lights out on Sunday morning, William made a good start and was immediately on the move up to 10th place. Behind him, Ido and Federico also managed a good start and were trying to find their way past in the opening corners. Unfortunately, at the Bus Stop chicane chaos happened. Maini misjudged his braking point and caused an accident that involved several cars. William managed to avoid him, but unfortunately Ido got caught up in the accident. As a result Ido had to retire with damage on his car without even completing a full lap. The Safety Car was deployed to clean the track. Federico found himself with a puncture on his rear left tyre and had to slowly go back to the pits for a quick change. When racing resumed, William was in 9th position and wanting more. Our Finnish-Ethiopian driver soon managed to overtake Benavides in order to move up to 8th. William then quickly closed up to Smolyar and again made a great move to conquer 7th place. Another Safety Car had to be deployed briefly and with 8 laps to go, the race went back underway. William held on to 7th place at the restart and in the following laps. At the final corner of the final lap, Vidales cut the chicane and didn’t give the position back, which left William to cross the finish line in 8th place. Federico’s race wasn’t easy as the Italian driver received a 10sec stop and go penalty for driving too fast under safety car conditions when catching up after his tyre change. Serving this penalty put him back once more. Federico crossed the line in 26th place. After the race, the stewards examined the videos and penalized Vidales, and as a result putting William back in a superb 7th position.

Results Race Two
1st Zane Maloney (BRB) Trident 45:33.153  
2nd Roman Stanek (CZ) Trident Gap 1.046
3rd Oliver Bearman (GB) Prema Gap 5.684
7th William Alatalo (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
26th Federico Malvestiti (ITA) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Ido Cohen (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Zane Maloney (BRB) in 2:07.838

We are looking forward to the next race which will take place already next week, on the weekend of 4th September in Zandvoort in Holland.

fiaf322 spa 04
© Dutch Photo Agency

Championship standings after 14 out of 18 races:

1st Isack Hadjar (F), 106 points; 2nd Oliver Bearman (GBR), 105 points; 3rd Victor Martins (F), 104 points; 4th Arthur Leclerc (F), 101 points; 5th Roman Stanek (CZE), 96 points; 6th Jak Crawford (USA), 80 points; 18th William Alatalo (FIN), 18 points; 23rd Ido Cohen (ISR), 2 points

Ido Cohen (ISR)

© Dutch Photo Agency

Federico Malvestiti (ITA)

© Dutch Photo Agency

William Alatalo (FIN)

© Dutch Photo Agency

2022 FIA F3 Championship

17-20 March 2022 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Sakhir (BHR)
21-24 April 2022 Formula 1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Imola (I)
19-22 May 2022 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix Barceolan (E)
30-03 July 2022 Formula 1 British Grand Prix Silverstone (GB)
07-10 July 2022 Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix RedBull Ring (A)
28-31 July 2022 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix Budapest (HU)
25-28 August 2022 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps (B)
01-04 September 2022 Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort (NL)
08-11 September 2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix Monza (I)


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