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Also this season we will compete in the FIA Formula 4 series, which has been in operation since 2014 in Italy and since 2015 in Germany. In 2023 the FIA F4 CEZ (Central European Zone) Championship was launched. In 2024 we add the FWS F4 Spanish Winterseries to our activities. These are perfect beginner series for young drivers from 15 years into formula racing.

We took part when in 2010 the GP3 Series was launched to shine in the Formula One environment. From 2019 the GP3 Series was renamed FIA Formula 3 Championship. Thus following the example of GP2, which changed its name to FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2018.

The two championships continue to be under the watchful eyes of Formula 1 and are equipped with the most modern and safest racing cars on the market. Jenzer Motorsport continues to compete also in the FIA Formula 3 Championship.

Accompany us as we enter an exciting new year of competition in 2024!



Jenzer Motorsport GmbH
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CH-3250 Lyss – Switzerland
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Andreas Jenzer
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Jenzer’s history began in 1993, when Andreas Jenzer, who was still competing in Formula Ford 1600 against a certain Norberto Fontana, convinced some customers to buy a number of cars in the brand new Formula Ford 1800 Zetec class. The first driver Andreas looked after went on to win the first Swiss title in this new class. It wasn’t long before success in international championships, which was important to the team from the start, began coming Jenzer’s way. When Renault Sport announced the new one-make single-seater Formula Renault 2.0 class in the year 2000, Jenzer didn’t hesitate to step up. From the first year of the category, the team began racking up race wins and Jenzer Motorsport became increasingly well known in the world of motorsport. Not surprisingly, given the team’s history, the new class launched by Renault Sport in 2003 was of instant interest. From then on, Jenzer Motorsport ran two teams with increasing success. One team ran in Formula Renault 2.0, competing in the Eurocup and a series of national championships, and a separate team took part in Formula Renault V6, in the challenging and fiercely competitive Eurocup. The latter category underwent further changes in 2005, when it metamorphosed into the World Series by Renault 3.5 class.
In 2007, Jenzer Motorsport, in cooperation with Iris Project, decided to seek new challenges outside the world of Renault Sport, and entered the new Formula Master Championship, running as part of the FIA World Touring Car Championship Programme. This category was intended to metamorphose into the GP3 Series but instead, in 2010, the GP3 Series was created by the makers of GP2 with a completely new concept. Jenzer Motorsport is one of 10 teams selected from more than 40 applicants to take part in the new programme, and is appearing from it’s first season at the 8 rounds supporting the European Formula One Grand Prix. In 2012 GP3 was included in the prestigious Monaco event. In 2013 the programme was further enhanced by the inclusion of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In 2014 two events outside Europe are scheduled, one in Sochi (RUS), and one in Abu Dhabi (UAE), meaning the series consists of 9 race events for the first time, all of them part of the Formula 1 program.
2010 became history as the year of the last official national Formula Renault 2.0 championships with the one-make Formula Renault 2.0 Tatuus chassis. In the same year Jenzer Motorsport switched to the newly created Italian Formula Abarth championship, which applied a new one make single seater by Tatuus, equipped with a 1.6 lt turbo engine prepared by Fiat Powertrain. In 2011 we took on the challenge of the new Formula Abarth European Series and the Formula Pilota China Series in Asia. 2012 saw the end of our participation in the Formula Abarth Italian Championship and the European Series.
Renault Sport announced a new car for 2013, as ever built by Italian manufacturer Tatuus. For us this was reason enough to decide to return to Formula Renault 2.0. In 2013 and 2014 we competed in the Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS championship in Italy, as well as 2013 in the Eurocup.
During that time the FIA starts to reorganize the system of awarding driver licenses and creation / rating of race series.
The FIA Formula 4 is being created with special rules, and is launched in 2014 for the first time in Italy. In quick sequence other countries announce that they will run the new beginner Formula series according to the same rules from 2015 onwards.
With that also Jenzer Motorsport decides to start in this new category. In 2014 we already take part in the newly created FIA F4 series, with freshly built race cars by Tatuus, and in 2015 we expand our engagement thanks to great interest, and take part in the Italian as well as in the German Championship. In 2023 we started in the new FIA F4 CEZ (Central European Zone) Championship in addition to the Italian Championship. In 2024, we compete in the FWS F4 Spanish Winterseries in February and March, to be even better prepared for the new season.

A new era begins in 2019 with the renaming of the GP3 Series to the FIA Formula 3 Championship. The new racing car now complies with the very latest safety standards and has a Halo roll-over protection. Jenzer Motorsport is starting again as one of 10 selected teams.