Formula Abarth

Race Report

Formula Abarth

Circuit: Misano (I), Length 4,226 km, 6th/7th/8th July 2012

Samin Gomez (VEN), Kevin Joerg (CH) and Gregor Ramsay (GB)

Joerg on the podium in Misano

The Racing Weekend event took place on the Misano World Circuit near Rimini (I). This time out the Formula Abarth races counted towards both the Italian Championship and the European Series. It was very hot, with temperatures rising above 35°C during the day.



Saturday, 07/07/12, 10.05 – 10.40, Weather: Sunny, 33°C

The rules of the championship allow for two qualifying sessions, each 15 minutes long, with a break of just ten minutes in between. Results from Qualification One determine the grid for Race One, while results from Qualification Session Two determine the grid for Race Two; the grid for Race Three is based on the results of Race One, with the first six finishers starting in reverse order.

The first session went well and Samin had a great run that netted her 4th place on the grid for Race One, while Kevin was 5th and Gregor 9th.
The second session had to be red flagged after an accident. Until that happened all our drivers were inside the top five. After the restart the action unfolded once more, and others moved up the order. Kevin was again 5th in the end, Samin 8th and Gregor 9th for Race Two.

Qualifying 1 and Race One Grid
1st Luca Ghiotto (I) Prema 1:34.991
2nd Bruno Bonifacio (BRA) Prema 1:35.414
3rd Nicolas Costa (BRA) Euronova 1:35.662
4th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Motorsport 1:35.667
6th Kevin Joerg (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:35.838
9th Gregor Ramsay (GB) Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.542


Qualifying and Race Two Grid
1st Luca Ghiotto (I) Prema 1:34.824
2nd Santiago Urrutia (URG) BVM 1:35.205
3rd Bruno Bonifacio (BRA) Prema 1:35.351
5th Kevin Joerg (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:35.616
8th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.145
9th Gregor Ramsay (GB) Jenzer Motorsport 1:36.232


Formula Abarth European Series & Formula Abarth Italian Championship

Race One (22 minutes + 1 lap)

Saturday, 07/07/12, 14.15, Weather: Sunny, 35°C

Urrutia and Zonzini managed to move up a few places at the start at the expense of Samin and Kevin who fell back to positions 6th and 7th respectively. Gregor was able to hold on to his starting position and then overtook Branger, but soon after had to give way to Roda. That put Gregor back to 9th. Samin meanwhile edged closer to Urrutia, but could not get close enough to attack. Kevin had damaged his car slightly in the mix up at the start, but still managed to defend his position from Roda while Samin set some very good lap times and secured pole position for Race Three on Sunday by finishing 6th in this race. Kevin finished in a good 7th, and Gregor came home in 9th after a solid race.

Race One Results
1st Luca Ghiotto (I)) Prema 24:11.722  
2nd Bruno Bonifacio (BRA) Prema Gap 13.537
3rd Nicolas Costa (BRA) Euronova Gap 14.119
6th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Motorsport    
7th Kevin Joerg (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
9th Gregor Ramsay (GB) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Luca Ghiotto (I) in 1:36.005


Race Three Grid
1st Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Motorsport  
2nd Santiago Urrutia (URG)) BVM  
3rd Emanuele Zonzini (I) Euronova  
7th Kevin Jörg (CH) Jenzer Motorsport  
9th Gregor Ramsay (GB) Jenzer Motorsport  


Formula Abarth European Series & Formula Abarth Italian Championship

Race Two (30 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 08/07/12, 09.00, Weather: Sunny, 29°C

Another day of cloudless skies saw temperatures begin to rise early and by the time the race started it was already 29°C. Ghiotto failed to get off the line at the start, and most of the others managed to avoied the stalled car. Unfortunately Gregor saw it too late and crashed right into it. Luckily Gregor was unharmed, but the car was badly damaged and the Safety Car had to be deployed until all the debris could be cleaned away. Kevin was 4th, but at the restart Zonzini managed to overtake him. Kevin was able to close the gap on Bonifacio, but could not do anything about him, largely because he spent most of the race battling with a gear-selection problem. Nevertheless he came home in 5th after an error free drive. Elsewhere Branger overtook Samin under yellow flags, and Samin then immediately reclaimed the place, which led to the officials hitting both drivers with a 25 second penalty. That pushed Samin down to 8th in the final results.

Race Two Results
1st Nicolas Costa (BRA) Euronova 32:46.106  
2nd Emanuele Zonzini (I) Euronova Gap 2.889
3rd Santiago Urrutia (URG) BVM Gap 4.663
5th Kevin Jörg (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
8th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Gregor Ramsay (GB) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Nicolas Costa (BRA) in 1:35.816


Formula Abarth European Series & Formula Abarth Italian Championship

Race Three (15 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 08/07/12, 18.00, Weather: Sunny, 36°C

Given the program the youngsters had to be very patient as they waited for the last race. It was not easy to endure the heat of the day and then deliver one more top perfomance at the end of the day. Ghiotto again failed to get off the line at the start, and this time it was Beretta who was unlucky enough to crash into him. The Safety Car was deployed and took the field over for two laps until all was cleaned away. Samin restart well, but was sandwiched in the first corner by Urrutia and Zonzini. Her car sustained damage, and its handling was no longer the best, but she still hung on to finish this sprint race. Kevin quickly overtook Samin, leaving her to hang onto his gearbox and they were 4th and 5th when the leader Urrutia was handed a 25 second time penalty for pushing Zonzini off at the start. That promoted Kevin to 3rd and Samin moved up to 4th. The positions stayed the same all the way to the flag and Kevin was happy to take the third place trophy. Gregor got away well this time and also drove a flawless race, taking the chequered flag in 6th, a very good result to end the weekend with.

Race Three Results3
1st Nicolas Costa (BRA) Euronova 17:48.523  
2nd Bruno Bonifacio (BRA) Prema Gap 0.857
3rd Kevin Jörg (CH) Jenzer Motorsport Gap 5.722
4th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Motorsport    
6th Gregor Ramsay (GB) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Santiago Urrutia (URU) in 1:37.065


Championship Standings

Formula Abarth European Series 2012 after 12 out of 24 races:

1st Bruno Bonifacio (I), 140 points; 2nd Nicolas Costa (BRA), 140 points; 3rd Luca Ghiotto (I), 121 points; 4th Santiago Urrutia (URU), 100 points; 5th Emanuele Zonzini (I), 95 points; 5th Kevin Joerg (CH), 93 points; 7th Samin Gomez (VEN), 60 points; 9th Gregor Ramsay (GB), 40 points


Championship Standings

Formula Abarth Italian Championship 2012 after 6 out of 18 races:

1st Bruno Bonifacio (I), 81 points; 2nd Nicolas Costa (BRA), 68 points; 3rd Emanuele Zonzini (I), 56 points; 4th Santiago Urrutia (URU), 54 points; 5th Luca Ghiotto (I), 51 points; 6th Kevin Joerg (CH), 47 points; 7th Samin Gomez (VEN), 29 points; 9th Gregor Ramsay (GB), 16 points




30th March/1st April Valencia (E) Euro
4th/6th May Hungaroring (HU) Euro
7th/10th June Mugello (I) Italy + Euro
5th/8th July Misano (I) Italy + Euro
3rd/5th August RedBullRing (A) Italy + Euro
30th August/1st September Imola (I) Italy + Euro
13th/16th September Vallelunga (I) Italy + Euro
27th/30th September Monza (I) Italy + Euro


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