Press Release 23 / 2011

6th November 2011

Mathéo Tuscher wins the Title!


Mathéo Tuscher took yet another race win in the Formula Pilota China Series this weekend, the series this time appearing as part of the WTCC World Touring Car Championship meeting at Shanghai, on the 3.3k permanent Tianma circuit in the Sheshan Songjiang district. With ten races run in the twelve race series, Mathéo was crowned champion this weekend. He leads the series with 154 points over the more experienced Luis Sá Silva (110 points) and Dustin Sofyan (95 points), while Samín Gómez is 11th with 18 points. With a maximum of 40 points still up for grabs, Mathéo cannot now be caught by anybody.
The rules are very similar to the Italian Formula Abarth series, with one qualifying session and two races each weekend. The grid for the second race is formed based on the fastest lap set by each driver in race one.

Qualifying session

Rain seemed to be imminent, so everybody took to the track immediately the lights went green. They were right; rain set in during the last ten minutes of the session, and no one was able to improve after that. This time there was a total of 17 cars entered.

Race One Grid
1st Lorenzo Camplese (I) 59.957 Eurointernational
2nd Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) 1:00.279 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing
3rd Riccardo Agostini (I) 1:00.323 JD Motorsport
9th Samín Gómez (Ven) 1:00.940 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing

Race One

Light rain was falling as the race started, but the track was still dry, so everybody chose slick tyres. Mathéo made a good start, claiming the lead at the first corner. Samín, meanwhile, had to take avoiding action and dropped back to 16th place as a result. Mathéo defended his lead well, despite Camplese, Agostini, Sofyan and Sá Silva closing right up on him. The rain didn’t ease but Samín courageously made up places and was soon 13th, and after a couple more laps she was up to 10th. Shortly before the end of the race she was able to claim 8th, an excellent result after her problems at the start. Mathéo held his nerve and was the first to take the chequered flag, only to be awarded a time penalty for starting out of position. There was an officials’ report, which meant the team could do nothing and Mathéo was demoted to 5th in the final classification.

Results Race One
1st Lorenzeo Camplese (I) Eurointernational 24:29.927
2nd Nobuharu Matsushita (JPN) Super License Rückstand 13.054
3rd Riccardo Agostini (I) JD Motorsport Rückstand 27.590
5th Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing    
8th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing    


Race Two Grid
1st Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) 1:00.525 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing
2nd Lorenzo Camplese (I) 1:00.603 Eurointernational
3rd Luis Sá Silva (ANG) 1:00.927 Asia Racing Team
8th Samín Gómez (VEN) 1:01.228 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing

Race Two

It was now very wet, so everybody selected wet weather tyres for the second race, and the officials decided to start the race behind the Safety Car to avoid unnecessary accidents. Despite this there was an accident on the first lap, when Sá Silva, Mathéo’s biggest rival, fell off. The Safety Car stayed out for a long time, and there were only a few laps left when it finally came in. More cars spun off, but Mathéo survived it all to come home as the winner. Samín also made no mistakes and crossed the finish line in a very good 6th position. To our great joy Mathéo now had enough points to secure the title in this first running of the championship, with a race weekend still to run. Congratulations!

Results Race Two
1st Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing 25:05.718  
2nd Lorenzeo Camplese (I) Eurointernational Rückstand 1.174
3rd Dustin Sofyan (INA) Eurointernational Rückstand 2.940
6th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing    


Championship standings:
1st Mathéo Tuscher (CZ), 154 points; 2nd Luis Sá Silva (ANG), 110 points; 3rd Dustin Sofyan (INA), 95 points; 4th Tin Sritrai (THAI), 66 points; 5th Chi Cong Li (CHIN), 63 points; 6th Nobuharu Matsushita (JPN), 54 points; 11th Samín Gómez (VEN), 18 points

Next race: 26th /27th November in Sepang (Malaysia)

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