Press Release 28 / 2011

27th November 2011

Victory for Tuscher, podium for Gómez


Mathéo Tuscher won yet another race, this time at the final weekend of the 2011 Formula Pilota China Series, while team-mate Samín Gómez scored her first podium of the year. That brought our very successful season to a terrific close at the demanding 5.5km long Sepang GP circuit.


It was dry and hot, and Mathéo and Matsushita kept up a steady fight for pole. For once it was Matsushita who claimed it on his very last lap. Mathéo was 2nd and Samín managed a truly great performance with 4th place in a field of 15.

Grid Race One
1st Nobuharu Matsushita (JPN) 2:06.297 Super License
2nd Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) 2:06.444 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing
3rd Dustin Sofyan (INAI) 2:06.729 Eurointernational
4th Samín Gómez (Ven) 2:07.051 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing

Race One

The start went well and Mathéo held 2nd place behind Matsushita while Samín managed to outbrake Sofyan into the first corner to move into 3rd. The order remained constant until the later stages of the race with Matsushita leading from Mathéo and Samín. Just a few laps before the end there were waved yellow flags, which closed up the field and slowed them all down. Samín started to come under pressure from Sofyan and Spavone, but she didn’t put a foot wrong, and came home to claim an excellent 3rd place and her first podium of the year! Mathéo was very close to Matsushita and on the final lap managed to pass him in the very last corner, taking another fine win in the series.

Results Race One
1st Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing 23:03.559  
2nd Nobuharu Matsushita (JPN) Super License Gap 0.344
3rd Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing Gap 1.490


Grid Race Two
1st Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) 2:07.381 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing
2nd Nobuharu Matsushita (JPN) 2:07.387 Super License
3rd Dustin Sofyan (INA) 2:08.131 Euro International
6th Samín Gómez (VEN) 2:08.699 Jenzer Welch Asia Racing

Race Two

Mathéo made the best out of his pole position to claim the lead while Samín got away cleanly but fell back to 6th place in the first corner melee. The leaders ran very closely together for most of the race, making it very difficult to attack. Even so Matsushita took the risk just before the end, and in a counterpoint to Mathéo’s performance in the first race got past. With not enough time remaining Mathéo could not fight back, and so finished the race in excellent 2nd. Samín again drove a great race and crossed the finish line in a very good 6th place, thus rounding off a very successful first season in China/Asia for the team.

Results Race Two
1st Lorenzeo Camplese (I) Super License 21:29.641  
2nd Mathéo Tuscher (CZ) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing Gap 2.262
3rd Dustin Sofyan (INA) Eurointernational Gap 4.152
6th Samín Gómez (VEN) Jenzer Welch Asia Racing    

Championship final standings: 1st Mathéo Tuscher (CZ), 189 Punkte; 2nd Luis Sá Silva (ANG), 124 points; 3rd Dustin Sofyan (INA), 117 points; 4th Nobuharu Matsushita (JPN), 89 points; 5th Tin Sritrai (THAI), 67 points; 6th Chi Cong Li (CHIN), 65 points; 10th Samín Gómez (VEN), 36 points


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