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Circuit: RedBull Ring (A), Length 4,326 km, 11th/12th/13th September 2020

Jasin Ferati (CH), Piotr Wisnicki (PL), Francesco Simonazzi (I)


Exciting races at the Red Bull Ring ( TO THE )

The third of seven racing events for the Italian FIA Formula 4 Championship took place on the interesting RedBull Ring near Zeltweg in Austria. Since this event did not overlap with the German championship and additional teams took part, the number of participants increased to 30.

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Saturday, 12/09/20, 08.30 – 09.10, Weather: Sunny, 20°C

The rules allow for two qualifying sessions of 15 minutes, with a 10-minute break in between. The Qualifying 1 times determine the grid for Race 1 and the times from Qualifying 2 determine the grid for Race 2. The starting order for Race 3 is based on the 2nd best lap time of each driver in either of the two qualifying sessions.
In the first Qualifying session, Simonazzi claimed the 19th position, with Wisnicki taking the 23rd. Ferati finished in 25th place, but because of a 2 grid drop penalty received after Race 3 in Imola he fell to 27th. 10 minutes after the end of the first session, the cars went straight into the second one. This time Simonazzi managed to take the 15th place, with Wisnicki finishing in 17th position and Ferati in 25th.

Results Qualifying 1 & Grid for Race One
1st Joshua Durksen (D) Mücke 1:31.026
2nd Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 1:31.092
3rd Jak Crawford (USA) van Amersfoort 1:31.278
19th Francesco Simonazzi (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.315
23rd Piotr Wisnicki (PL) Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.417
27th Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.624


Results Qualifying 2 & Grid for Race Two
1st Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 1:30.579
2nd Carlton Crawford (USA) van Amersfoort 1:30.789
3rd Oliver Bearman (GB) US Racing 1:44.746
15th Francesco Simonazzi (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.660
17th Piotr Wisnicki (PL) Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.749
23rd Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.975


Grid for Race Three
1st Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 1:30.733
2nd Carlton Crawford (USA) van Amersfoort 1:30.987
3rd Dino Beganovic (SWE) Prema 1:31.026
13th Francesco Simonazzi (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.681
17th Piotr Wisnicki (PL) Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.896
22nd Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.170


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race One (30 minutes + 1 lap)

Saturday, 12/09/20, 12.30, Weather: Sunny, 26°C

At 12:30, the 30 cars made it to the grid for the start of the first race, with the sun now shining over the track. After the lights went out, already at Turn 3 disaster struck as a collision involved several drivers. Piotr got away well and was up to 20th place. Unfortunately, in the process of avoiding the accident, he lost his rear wing when a car touched him from behind. He made it back to the pits, but his race was over and a safety car had to be deployed to recover the other cars stopped on track. Francesco lost some ground at the start, but after the restart he made some progression and was in 17th place. Jasin had a solid start and when the SC came in, he settled in 18th place. It was not much later when another accident led to a second safety car phase which allowed our drivers to move up to 16th and 17th place respectively. They eventually swapped positions with Jasin crossing the line in 16th place and Francesco right behind in 17th position.

Race One Results
1st Joshua Durksen (D) Mücke Motorsport 32:31.445  
2nd Gabriele Mini (I) Prema Gap 2.224
3rd Jonny Edgar (GB) van Amersfoort Gap 2.731
16th Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
17th Francesco Simonazzi (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Piotr Wisnicki (PL) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Joshua Durksen (D) in 1:30.953

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Two (30 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 13/09/20, 10.30, Weather: Sunny, 24°C

The second race of the weekend started on Sunday morning at 10:30. As the lights went out, Francesco got away well and muscled his way past Fornaroli to take the 13th spot. He then had to fend off to hold the position, but Bernier managed to overtake him. Francesco was 14th when, on lap 6, three cars went into Turn 3 together that ended with Francesco spinning. He had to let the field through before finally joining the race in 25th place, where he eventually crossed the line.
Wisnicki lost some ground at the start and dropped down to 18th place. He had to start his fight back and he did it brilliantly, settling in 13th place. He then crossed the line in a very positive 12th place.
Starting from 22nd place, Jasin was finding his way up through the field. He gained two spots and was running in 20th place when Gnos crashed into him on the straight. Jasin made it back to the pits and rejoined the race, but there was nothing more he could do now. He finished the race in 26th place.


Race Two Results
1st Jak Crawford (USA) van Amersfoort 31:48.694  
2nd Oliver Bearman (GB) US Racing Gap 1.581
3rd Gabriele Mini (I) Prema Gap 4.255
12th Piotr Wisnicki (PL) Jenzer Motorsport    
21st Francesco Simonazzi (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
22nd Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Dino Beganovic (SWE) in 1:31.307


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Three (28 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 13/09/2020, 15.05, Weather: Sunny, 26°C

Almost 5 hours from race 2, the final race of the weekend started. Francesco was starting Race 3 from 13th place and immediately gained positions to move into the 9th place. For the whole duration of the race, Francesco fought hard to keep his position. He dropped down to 11th place, but then counter attacked and fended off to cross the line in 9th position. Piotr made a good progression at the start as well, moving up to 13th place. He was also involved in several battles for positions but was holding on to his 13th place in the final laps of the race. With 1 lap to go, Chovanek went on the grass and then crashed into Piotr at Turn 4 and so he couldn’t finish the race. A real shame! Jasin got away well, leaving two drivers behind at the start and closing the first lap in 19th position. He fought his way up to 15th place, but then lost some ground and dropped back to 20th. He then started his comeback, reaching the 17th place. Jasin eventually crossed the line in 15th position, on a well fought race.

The fourth race meeting of the Italian Formula championship is scheduled for the weekend of 4th October in Mugello (I).

Race Three Results
1st Gabriele Mini (I) Prema 32:21.734  
2nd Joshua Durksen (D) Mücke Gap 0.323
3rd Jak Crawford (USA) van Amersfoort Gap 0.980
9th Francesco Simonazzi (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
15th Jasin Ferati (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
23rd Piotr Wisnicki (PL) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Joshua Dürksen (D) in 1:31.304


Championship Standings

FIA F4 Italian Championship 2020 after 9 races:
1st Gabriele Mini (I), 141 Punkte; 2nd Francesco Pizzi (I), 105 Punkte; 3rd Jonny Edgar (GB), 97 Punkte; 4th Jak Crawford (USA), 85 Punkte; 5th Filip Ugran (ROU), 78 Punkte; 6th Andrea Rosso (I), 72 Punkte

1st Gabriele Mini (I), 168 Punkte; 2nd Francesco Pizzi (I), 140 Punkte; 3rd Dino Beganovic (SWE), 101 Punkte; 14th Francesco Simonazzi (I), 6 Punkte; 15th Jasin Ferati (CH), 5 Punkte; 16th Piotr Wisnicki (POL), 5 Punkte

Jasin Ferati (CH)

Piotr Wisnicki (PL)

Francesco Simonazzi (I)

© Photo Pellegrini



30 – 02 August Misano (I)  
28 – 30 August Imola (I)  
11 – 13 September RedBull Ring (A)  
01 – 04 October Mugello (I)  
14 – 18 October Monza (I)  
18 – 22 November Imola (I)  
02 – 06 December Vallelunga (I)  


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