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Circuit: Hockenheim (D), Length 4,574 km, 26th/27th/28th July 2019

JENZER MOTORSPORT 2019 guest starter:
Giorgio Carrara (ARG), Jonny Edgar (GB) and Axel Gnos (CH)


The third of seven races of the FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship took place at the popular Hockenheimring as part of the supporting program for the Formula One GP. Jenzer Motorsport took part in the event with three drivers as guest starters. The races can be followed live on Sport1 tv and on the official website under Live Streaming.

 f4d19 hockenheim 01


Saturday, 27/07/2019, 09.45 – 10.25, Weather: Overcast, 24°C

There were two qualifying sessions, each 15 minutes long, with just 10 minutes in between. The grid for races 1 and 2 was set according to the fastest time set by each driver in qualifying sessions 1 and 2. Exceptionally the regulations meant there were just two Formula 4 races at this event.
On Friday morning, in temperatures of well over 30°C, free practice was run. There were a few thunderstorms overnight, and on Saturday morning there was a splattering of rain early on, but it stayed dry for the qualifying sessions. The lap times across the F4 field were very close, with 17 drivers within a second of the fastest time.

Qualifying, Race One Grid
1st T. Pourchaire (F) US Racing 1:41.380
2nd A. Leclerc (MC) US Racing 1:41.393
3rd N. Krütten (D) Van Amersfoort 1:41.547
8th J. Edgar (GB) Jenzer Motorsport 1:42.036
13th G. Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport 1:42.211
20th A. Gnos (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:43.222


Qualifying, Race Two Grid
1st A. Leclerc (MC) US Racing 1:40.940
2nd D. Hauger (N) Van Amersfoort 1:40.970
3rd T. Pourchaire (F) US Racing 1:41.042
12th J. Edgar (GB) Jenzer Motorsport 1:41.673
14th G. Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport 1:41.859
21st A. Gnos (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:43.198

f4d19 hockenheim 02

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race One (30 minutes)

Saturday, 27/07/2019, 17.00, Weather: Cloudy, 27°C

It was cloudy and humid at the start of the race. The start went well and on the first lap Jonny improved to 7th, Giorgio was 11th and Axel was 18th. On the third lap there was a contact between Axel and another driver and Axel spun off. Luckily nothing was damaged and he was able to continue but it had dropped him back to 20th. Giorgio was running strongly and had already advanced to 8th place. He was catching and closing on Jonny, and soon launched a successful attack on his team mate. At the same time there was an accident and the Safety Car was deployed with Giorgio 7th, Jonny 9th and Axel 19th. When the Safety Car pulled in there was just enough time left for a single racing lap. Lots of people tried to improve their places in a last ditch manoeuvre, and things got pretty rough at the top too. The leader spun off track after contact, and there was a lot of movement behind him too. Giorgio crossed the finish in an excellent 5th place after a very strong race. Jonny finished 9th and was on the podium as best rookie and Axel improved to 15th place.

Race One Results
1st D. Hauger (N) Van Amersfoort 30:16.869  
2nd T. Pourchaire (F) US Racing Gap 0.912
3rd G. Petecof (BRA) Prema Gap 1.390
5th G. Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport    
9th J. Edgar (GB) Jenzer Motorsport    
15th A. Gnos (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Dennis Hauger (N) in 1:42.582

f4d19 hockenheim 07

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race Two (30 minutes)

Sunday, 28/07/2019, 10.25, Weather: Cloudy, 22°C

Dark clouds were looming, but it stayed dry throughout the race. Jonny apparently didn’t start from his proper grid spot which meant he was awarded a drive-through penalty. He returned to the fray in 20th place and immediately launched a recovery drive. His efforts were interrupted by two short Safety Car phases, but he succeeded in taking the chequered flag in 13th place. Giorgio had been fighting Jonny for places during the first lap and then advanced place by place, getting two superb restarts and finally crossing the finish line in a very good 8th place. Axel also managed to improve his position during the race and brought his car home safely in 16th place.

Race Two Results
1st A. Leclerc (MC) US Racing 30:20.398  
2nd D. Hauger (N) Van Amersfoort Gap 0.620
3rd T. Pourchaire (F) US Racing Gap 1.892
8th G. Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport    
13th J. Edgar (GB) Jenzer Motorsport    
16th A. Gnos (CH Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Arthur Leclerc (MC) in 1:41.752

 f4d19 hockenheim 04

Championship Standings

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German 2019 after 9 races out of 21:
1st Theo Pourchaire (F), 102 points; 2nd Arthur Leclerc (MCO), 91 points; 3rd Dennis Hauger (NOR), 83 points; 4th Niklas Krütten (D), 75 points; 5th Gianluca Petecof (BRA), 74 points; 6th Roman Stanek (D), 74 points

f4d19 hockenheim 03

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26/27/28 April Oschersleben (D)  
07/08/09 June RedBull Ring (A)  
26/27/28 July Hockenheim (D) F1 Event
09/10/11 August Zandvoort (NL)  
16/17/18 August Nürburgring (D)  
13/14/15 September Hockenheim (D)  
27/28/29 September Sachsenring (D)  


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