Press Release 05 / 2018

16th March 2018




The GP3 Series teams met up again from 13th to 15th March 2018 for the next set of official test days at the demanding Circuito de Jerez in Spain. Despite the very southerly location of the track, the weather was changeable and rainy, but our drivers Tatiana Calderon, Juan Manuel Correa and David Beckmann were not deterred.

The first day started wet and overcast. Nevertheless, our drivers went out on track, but a renewed downpour brought everyone back to the pits. It was not until close to noon, that it was possible to mount slicks. Juan Manuel reached an excellent 5th place in the morning, while Tatiana was 12th. David was unhappy to find himself driving with a flat tyre and thus had no say in the fastest times. In the afternoon it stayed dry and so long distance runs were attempted. In the end Juan Manuel was 12th, Tatiana 15th and David 17th.

It rained heavily during the night, and the second day started wet. With an hour left before noon, Juan Manuel was the first to go for slicks. For a while slicks and rain tyres were almost equally good, but then it began to dry. David got out at the right moment and reached an excellent 6th place. Juan Manuel was 14th and Tatiana, who did not switch to slicks, was 18th in the ranking. In the afternoon the sun was supposed to shine, but an unexpected new downpour startled the whole field. Tatiana performed best and achieved an excellent 5th place in the last stint of the day! Only 31 hundredths of a second separated her from 3rd place! Juan Manuel was 13th and David ended the day in 16th place.

All of our drivers showed repeatedly that they are capable of being in the top six. Tatiana in particular withstood tremendous pressure and once more produced a top performance!


Juan Manuel Correa

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Tatiana Calderon

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David Beckmann

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The next official test days take place on 17th/18th April in Barcelona (E), where the first race of the new season will also be held, as usual as part of the support program of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, from 11th to 13th May 2018.

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