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Circuit: Monza (I); Length 5.793 km, 20th/21st/22nd October 2017

Kush Maini (IND), Job van Uitert (NL), Giorgio Carrara (ARG), Giacomo Bianchi (CH) and Federico Malvestiti (I)

Final race weekend in Monza: Van Uitert finishes Vice Champion, Carrara secures 3rd place in the Rookie classification, podium for Maini

The last of seven meetings in the Italian FIA Formula 4 Championship took place on the ultra-fast GP circuit at Monza. Marcus Armstrong (NZ) and Job van Uitert (NL) were the ones still in with a chance of the championship, but obviously the chance to win it was very small for Job. On the other hand Job still had to defend 2nd place from Colombo, Fernandez, Lorandi and Petrov. We were looking forward to some very exciting racing!
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Friday, 20/10/17, 17.40 – 18.15, Weather: Overcast, 16°C

The rules allow for two qualifying sessions of 15 minutes, with a 10-minute break in between. The Qualifying 1 times determine the grid for Race 1 and the times from Qualifying 2 determine the grid for Race 2. The starting order for Race 3 is based on the 2nd best lap times of each driver in either qualifying session.

f4it17 monza 04 

Results Qualifying 1 & Grid for Race One
1st Marcus Armstrong (NZL) Prema 1:53.741
2nd Lorenzo Colombo (I) Bhaitech 1:54.072
3rd Job van Uitert (NL) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.073
6th Kush Maini (IND) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.493
10th Giacomo Bianchi (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.032
12th Giorgio Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.219
14th Federico Malvestiti (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.505


Results Qualifying 2 & Grid for Race Two
1st Lorenzo Colombo (I) Bhaitech 1:53.752
2nd Artem Petrov (RUS) DR Formula 1:53.794
3rd Sebastian Fernandez (VEN) Bhaitech 1:53.900
4th Job van Uitert (NL) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.124
5th Kush Maini (IND) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.142
9th Giacomo Bianchi (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.578
10th Federico Malvestiti (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.669
11th Giorgio Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.958


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race One (28 minutes + 1 lap)

Saturday, 21/10/17, 14.45, Weather: Overcast, 18°C

A very energetic first lap followed on from the start. Colombo clashed with Job, and Job dropped back to 11th place. Job immediately started to regain the lost places, but there was more contact, and he went through the gravel and over the grass several times, which wasn’t the best of plans. Even so Job made up positions lap after lap. Giorgio and Federico both started well and they were both clearly on the way up. But what happened then is what hurts most: Giorgio touched Federico and they both flew off the track into the gravel trap together! The Safety Car was deployed for one lap to clear away the debris and at the restart Job managed to overtake Kush. Kush was on a very good run and was battling hard with Fernandez, whom he left behind in the end, finishing a strong race in an excellent 6th place. Giacomo, who had started from 10th place, was able to take the chequered flag in the same very good place, but in between he lost places more than once only to win them back again in a series of courageous battles, which enabled him to score the last available point once again. Shortly before the end of the race Job left Rodriguez behind and was up to 4th place where he fought it out with Armstrong and Colombo for the position. Job managed to overtake Colombo, and that secured him an excellent 3rd place. Despite that Armstrong had now collected enough points to mathematically already have a big enough advantage over Job to be crowned 2017 Italian F4 champion!

Race One Results
1st Artem Petrov (RUS) DR Formula 31:39.438  
2nd Marcus Armstrong (NZL) Prema Gap 5.895
3rd Job van Uitert (NL) Jenzer Motorsport Gap 7.560
9th Kush Maini (IND) Jenzer Motorsport    
10th Giacomo Bianchi (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Federico Malvestiti (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Giorgio Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Artem Petrov (RUS) in 1:53.555


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Two (28 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 22/10/17, 09.20, Weather: Fog, 12°C


Overnight it rained, and in the morning the track was still damp, with thick fog hanging over the park. The track was inevitably very slippery and everyone opted for rain tyres. When Job drove to the starting grid, his car suddenly filled up with foam from the fire extinguisher, which had gone off unexpectedly. The car was pushed back into pitlane, where the team started to work frantically to repair the damage. Job was able to get back on track in time to catch up with the field, which had started behind the Safety Car. He immediately began doggedly working his way forward. There was not a moment of hesitation in his driving and he soon appeared in the top ten. It wasn’t all easy though, and Job had to survive a few very hairy situations! He even spun once, but immediately continued with the race. In a very impressive run Job battled his way up to 2nd place! And the resulting podium position gave him enough points to cement his 2nd place in the overall championship standings. Kush spun after the start and dropped a long way back, but he was able to work his way forward again and to finish in a good 7th place. That meant he was the first driver in the Jenzer train which arrived in the following order: Kush in 7th, Federico in 8th, Giorgio in 9th and Giacomo in 10th. All five Jenzer Motorsport drives finished in the top ten in this very difficult race!

Race Two Results
1st Artem Petrov (RUS) DR Formula 31:37.989  
2nd Job van Uitert (NL) Jenzer Motorsport Gap 12.487
3rd Leonardo Lorandi (I) Bhaitech Gap 15.179
7th Kush Maini (IND) Jenzer Motorsport    
8th Federico Malvestiti (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
9th Giorgio Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport    
10th Giacomo Bianchi (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Artem Petrov (RUS) in 2:05.263

f4it17 monza 03 

Grid for Race Three
1st Lorenzo Colombo (I) Bhaitech 1:53.858
2nd Sebastian Fernandez (VEN) Bhaitech 1:53.978
3rd Job van Uitert (NL) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.142
8th Kush Maini (IND) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.634
9th Giacomo Bianchi (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.667
10th Federico Malvestiti (I) Jenzer Motorsport 1:54.771
12th Giorgio Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.020


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Three (28 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 22/10/2017, 16.10, Weather: Cloudy, 18°C

The last race of the season started well with Job in 3rd place. A fierce battle for places developed immediately and the positions changed every lap. Then Armstrong and Petrov collided and Petrov’s front wing was damaged. Job held back, but then saw his chance to attack. However Petrov went off track, Armstrong closed the door, and everything went wrong. Petrov came shooting back onto the track and crashed into Job leaving both cars heavily damaged. The Safety Car was deployed just after Giorgio, Giacomo and Federico were involved in a crash. Giorgio and Giacomo finished the race in the gravel trap while Federico managed to get back to the pitlane, where a tyre and his front wing were changed. Federico rejoined the race and started a courageous pursuit of places. He managed to move up to an excellent 7th place. Kush started well and was battling hard, and at the Safety Car restart he held 4th place. He made no mistakes and drove strongly to the finish line where, because Armstrong was handed a time penalty, Kush ended the season with a well-deserved 3rd place on the podium.

Marcus Armstrong won the 2017 championship from Job van Uitert and Lorenzo Colombo. Leonardo Lorandi won the Rookie standings from Enzo Fittipaldi and Giorgio Carrara.

A very eventful season came to an end today. We are already looking forward to 2018!


Race Three Results
1st Lorenzo Colombo (I) Bhaitech 31:20.364  
2nd Ian Rodriguez DRZ Benelli Gap 0.633
3rd Kush Maini (IND) Jenzer Motorsport Gap 1.270
7th Federico Malvestiti (I) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Job van Uitert (NL) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Giacomo Bianchi (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Giorgio Carrara (ARG) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Job van Uitert (NL) in 1:54.832

 f4it17 monza 02 f4it17 monza 01

Championship Final Standings

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship 2017 after 21 races:
1st Marcus Armstrong (NZL), 283 Punkte; 2nd Job van Uitert (NL), 247 points; 3rd Lorenzo Colombo (I), 223 points; 4th Sebastian Fernandez (VEN), 197 points; 5th Artem Petrov (RUS), 192 points; 6th Leonardo Lorandi (I), 185 points; 9th Kush Maini (IND), 114 points; 11th Federico Malvestiti (I), 19 points; 13th Giacomo Bianchi (CH), 8 points; 15th Giorgio Carrara (ARG), 6 points

1st Leonardo Lorandi (I), 400 points; 2nd Enzo Fittipaldi (BRA), 293 points; 3rd Giorgio Carrara (ARG), 227 points



31st March/2nd April Misano (I)  
5th/7th May Adria (I)  
23rd/25th June Vallelunga (I)  
14th/16th July Mugello (I)  
8th/10th September Imola (I)  
6th/8th October Mugello (I)  
20th/22nd October Monza (I)  


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