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Circuit: RedBull Ring (A), Length 4,326 km, 8th – 11th September 2022

Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR), Ethan Ischer (CH), Valentin Kluss (D)

Exciting races at the Red Bull Ring

The fifth of seven race events for the Italian FIA Formula 4 Championship took place at the interesting Red Bull Ring near Zeltweg in Austria. After the long summer break, 40 drivers registered for the races.

 f4i22 redbullring 01


Friday, 09/09/22, 14.15 – 15.05, Weather: Rain, 14°C

As the number of participants exceeded the capacity of the track at races, the format was changed. There were 2 groups and each had a separate qualifying session of 20 minutes. After that, the drivers were divided into three groups, which drove a total of three qualifying races. The best drivers, ie the permitted number of drivers, were allowed to drive the final race at the end.

Results Qualifying Group 1
1st Kimi Antonelli (I) Prema 1:44.800
2nd Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) Prema 1:44.849
3rd Alexander Dunne (IRL) US 1:45.590
14th Valentin Kluss (D) Jenzer Motorsport 1:46.844


Results Qualifying Group 2
1st Rafael Camara (BRA) Prema 1.45.743
2nd Kacper Sztuka (POL) US 1:45.913
3rd Taylor Barnard (GBR) PHM 1:46.303
11th Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR) Jenzer Motorsport 1:48.156
15th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:48.617

 f4i22 redbullring 02

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Quali Race One (25 minutes + 1 lap) B against C

Saturday, 10/09/22, 09.10, Weather: Overcast, 11°C

Everything went well at the start for Ethan, who was soon able to work his way up to 15th place with a clever ride. Then two accidents incurred and the safety car had to be deployed. Valentin had a flat tyre following a small collision at the start and now came into the pit lane to have the tyre changed. He then got back into the race at the end of the field and was ready to begin a great recovery drive after the restart. Also Ethan managed to continue his good run and make up more places when the race continued. He was already 12th when he left his braking a bit too late and went wide. He lost a place because of this. Valentin, on the other hand, made good progress and steadily made up places. Towards the end of the race he also managed to get past Ethan, who had now lost his rhythm and lost a few more places again. Finally, after an exciting but good ride, Valentin came home in 14th position. Ethan took the checkered flag in 17th place.

Quali Race One Results
1st Alexander Dunne (IRL) US 26:38.287  
2nd James Wharton (AUS) Prema Gap 2.184
3rd Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) Prema Gap 3.789
14th Valentin Kluss (D) Jenzer Motorsport    
17th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Rafael Camara (BRA) in 1:31.857

 f4i22 redbullring 03

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Quali Race Two (25 minutes + 1 lap) A against B

Saturday, 10/09/22, 14.45, Weather: Cloudy, 14°C

Just as the Formula 4 were about to start, a heavy shower swept over the track. The start of the race was delayed slightly to allow everyone to adjust to the rain and then took place behind the safety car. Oleksandr got off to a good start and had a good line, so he immediately made up places. There was an accident and the safety car was deployed until everything was cleared. After the restart, Oleksandr was already in 10th place, and soon managed to move up to an excellent 9th place. But a few laps before the end, he was too late on the brakes, which ended in a spin. Luckily he was able to continue, but had fallen far back. By the time he reached the finish line, he had managed to make up a few places and crossed the finish line in 19th place.

Quali Race Two Results
1st Kimi Antonelli (I) Prema 27:42.327  
2nd Rafael Camara (BRA) Prema Gap 5.675
3rd Alexander Dunne (IRL) US Gap 5.852
19th Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Kimi Antonelli (I) in 1:34.755


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Quali Race Three (25 minutes + 1 lap) A against C

Sunday, 11/09/22, 10.35, Weather: Cloudy, 14°C

The third race started on a dry track. All of our drivers now competed in this final qualifying race. Valentin was 15th after three laps, with Olksandr right behind him in 16th. Ethan didn't get away at the start and was now 26th. After an accident, the safety car had to be deployed for a few laps. After the restart, Valentin was chasing Rinicella in front of him, then lost momentum flying over the curbs, so Oleksandr saw a chance to overtake Valentin on the right. But Valentin now also moved to the right, and the two touched. Oleksandr lost the front wing and drove onto the grass. He made it back to the pit lane, where he had a new part fitted. Oleksandr was able to resume the race, but with only a few laps left he couldn't improve his position anymore. Valentin ended up finishing 11th, Ethan 20th and Oleksandr 25th.


Quali Race Three Results
1st Kacper Sztuka (POL) US 27:29.996  
2nd Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) Prema Gap 1.333
3rd Conrad Laursen (DK) Prema Gap 1.987
11th Valentin Kluss (D) Jenzer Motorsport    
20th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
25th Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Kimi Antonelli (I) in 1:31.336

 f4i22 redbullring 04

FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Final Race (25 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday, 11/09/22, 17.25, Weather: Cloudy, 14°C

All of our drivers made it to the final race. Valentin started from 21st, Oleksandr from 34th and Ethan from 35th. The sun appeared through the clouds and also accompanied the last race of the day. Valentin got off to a good start and immediately made up places. Steadily he moved up to reach 16th place. In the end he had to let go to Camara, who squeezed past him on the final lap. With that, Valentin reached the finish line in 17th place. This time Ethan started without any problems and was doing well. He had worked his way up to 23rd when he went wide and as a result dropped several places. In the end he reached the finish line in 26th place. Oleksandr was also well underway and steadily improving his position. He worked his way up to 22nd place. In the end he received a time penalty because of track limits. This put him back to 24th place. An exciting weekend came to an end with three whole cars at the finish line.

The sixth race meeting of the Italian Formula championship is scheduled for the weekend of 9th October in Monza (I).

Final Race Results
1st Alex Dunne (IRL) US 24:35.258  
2nd Kimi Antonelli (I) Prema Gap 0.540
3rd Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) Prema Gap 2.852
17th Valentin Kluss (D) Jenzer Motorsport    
24th Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR) Jenzer Motorsport    
26th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Kimi Antonelli (I) in 1:31.577

Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR)

Ethan Ischer (CH)

Valentin Kluss (D)

© Photo Pellegrini

Championship Standings

FIA F4 Italian Championship 2022 after 15 races:
1st Kimi Antonelli (I), 262 points; 2nd Rafael Camara (BRA), 201 points; 3rd Alexander Dunne (IRL), 197 points; 4th James Wharton (AUS), 150 points; 5th Kacper Sztuka (POL), 135 points; 6th Charlie Wurz (A), 128 points

1st Kimi Antonelli (I), 278 points; 2nd Rafael Camara (BRA), 231 points; 3rd James Wharton (AUS), 206 points; 12th Valentin Kluss (D), 24 points; 25th Ethan Ischer (CH), 3 points


06/07/08 May Imola (I)  
03/04/05 June Misano (I)  
17/18/19 June Spa (B)  
01/02/03 July Vallelunga (I)  
09/10/11 September RedBull Ring (A)  
07/08/09 October Monza (I)  
21/22/23 October Mugello (I)  

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