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Press Release 04 / 2022

5th March 2022



The 10 teams of the FIA F3 Championship met on 2nd/3rd and March 4, 2022 for the first three official test days of the 2022 season at the track in Sakhir in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ido Cohen (ISR), who started his second season in the FIA F3, and the two Finnish newcomers William Alatalo and Patrik Pasma drove for Jenzer Motorsport. Very warm temperatures and changing strong winds as well as a proper sandstorm made the test days challenging.

On the first morning our drivers had to check all the functions of the powerful FIA F3 machines. After that, the gas really started. William reached 8th position, Patrik 14th and Ido 16th in the huge field of 30 drivers. In the afternoon, things went even better for William, who reached a fantastic 2nd place 0.169 of a second behind the fastest time. Patrick finished 14th again. Ido was unhappy because he was only able to complete two laps due to a technical problem.

On the second morning, different settings were tried. William reached 10th place, Patrik was 17th and Ido 19th. Long runs were traditionally held in the afternoon. Ido was now fastest of the three and reached 14th place, Patrik was 15th just behind him, and William finished 19th.

The third morning started with the qualifying simulation and the 30 drivers gave it their all. William was 12th, Ido was 17th and Patrik was 21st. In the afternoon things got down to business one last time, and although a veritable sandstorm made visibility difficult, our drivers improved again. William finished 10th, Ido reached 12th and Patrik 19th position.

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The racing season of the FIA F3 Championship will begin on the weekend of March 20, 2022, also here in Bahrain as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix programme.

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