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Press Release 04 / 2019

22nd March 2019



The GP3 Series teams met for the first official test days from 19th to 21st March 2019 at the Paul Ricard Circuit in southern France. Our drivers Yuki Tsunoda, Artem Petrov and Andreas Estner were very keen to get the season started.

The teams were greated by the sun on the first day. The huge FIA F3 field was complete for the start with 30 cars. 2 out of 3 cars per team were running for the first time, and at the start functions were checked carefully. Yuki was listed as 14th in the morning, Andreas was 27th and Artem 28th. Towards the evening lap times begun to fall. At the end of the first day Yuki was listed in 12th position, Andreas was 15th and Artem 23rd.

The second day started with more work, and our drivers drove quite carefully. Yuki was 17th, Andreas 20th and Artem 23rd.
After lunch the team continued with race simulations. Towards the end of the afternoon Yuki managed a clean run that secured 1st place for him. Andreas finally reached 15th position and Artem 17th. With that all of them had improved their driving an lap times and felt more at ease with the new racing machine.

The next official test days take place on 9th/10th April in Barcelona (E) and on 17th/18th April 2019 in Budapest (HU). The very first race of the new season takes place as part of the support programme of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona (E) on 10th/12th May 2019.

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