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Circuit: Eurospeedway Lausitz (D), Length 3.442 km, 19th/20th/21st August 2022

Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN), Samir Ben (CH), Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA)

Joutsimies shines with a Podium at the Lausitzring

The fifth of six race events featuring the FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship took place at the demanding infield circuit at the Eurospeedway Lausitz (D).

f4d22 nuerburgring 1


Friday, 19/08/2022, 17.30 – 18.05, Weather: Overcast, 21°C

According to the regulations, there are two 30-minute free practice sessions per race and two 15-minute qualifying sessions, which are held with a short 10-minute break in between. The fastest time per driver from the first session counts for the starting grid of the 1st race, the fastest time per driver from the second session counts for the starting grid for the 2nd race. The 3rd race will start in the same way as the 2nd race ended, but with the eight drivers in reverse order. The three races each have a length of 30 minutes.

Results Quali 1, Race One grid
1st Taylor Barnard (GB) PHM 1.23.738
2nd Kacper Sztuka (POL) US Racing 1.24.110
3rd Nikita Bedrin (RUS) PHM 1.24.168
5th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport 1:24.503
8th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport 1:25.025
11th Samir Ben (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:25.197

 f4d22 lausitzring 03

Results Quali 2, Race Two grid
1st Taylor Barnard (GB) PHM 1.23.341
2nd Kacper Sztuka (POL) US Racing 1.23.606
3rd Nikita Bedrin (RUS) PHM 1.23.918
4th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport 1:24.102
9th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport 1:24.474
11th Samir Ben (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:24.986


FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race One (30 minutes)

Saturday, 20/08/2022, 11.35, Weather: Rainy, 18°C

After the qualifying on Friday took place in the dry, it rained during the night and didn't stop until the race. The F4 field therefore got ready on wet weather tyres. There were hairy moments right from the start when some drivers didn't get off well. After an exciting first lap, in which several cars already endured spins on the slippery track and made a trip through the gravel, our drivers were in promising positions: Rasmus was 3rd, Samir 6th and Nandhavud 7th. Rasmus defended 3rd place during long laps against Sauter and Sztuka, but after grueling battles for the line, finally prevailed. Rasmus crossed the finish line in a brilliant 3rd overall, and was also the best rookie. He proudly accepted the trophies on the podium. Samir was very well under way. But then a spin threw him back a few places. Nandhavud was now in 6th position, which he defended against David in a tough side-by-side fight. But eventually David managed to get past Nandhavud and Ried followed suit. Samir was now directly behind Nandhavud and the two teammates were now fighting for positions. In the end, Samir managed to bring home an excellent 8th place, and Nandhavud, who had made another little excursion through the gravel, reached the finish right behind him in a very good 9th place. All had fought hard despite difficult conditions and reached the finish without damage.

Race One Results
1st Nikita Bedrin (RUS) PHM 28:08.280  
2nd Taylor Barnard (GB) PHM Gap 14.419
3rd Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport Gap 33.460
8th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport    
9th Samir Ben (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Nikita Bedrin (RUS) 1:37.119

 f4d22 lausitzring 05

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race Two (30 minutes)

Sunday, 21/08/2022, 10.05, Weather: Overcast, 19°C

On Sunday morning the track was still damp from the overnight rain, but by the time the Formula 4 race started most of it had dried. Rasmus was able to keep his 4th place after the start and defended it during long laps. Finally, Ried attacked and brought the overtaking maneuver to an end. Kluss managed to catch up and follow suit in the next lap. Rasmus was now in 6th place. Samir got off to a good start and immediately made up several places. He was running good in 7th place, but when his tyres started to deteriorate he slowly dropped back to 10th place. Nandhavud immediately found a very good rhythm and worked his way up lap after lap. In the last few laps he even managed to catch up with Rasmus and to put him under some pressure. Nandhavud finished a strong race in an excellent 7th place.

Race Two Results
1st Taylor Barnard (GB) PHM 30:02.918  
2nd Kacper Sztuka (POL) US Racing Gap 4.458
3rd Nikita Bedrin (RUS) PHM Gap 5.746
6th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
7th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport    
10th Samir Ben (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Taylor Barnard (GB) 1:25.329

 f4d22 lausitzring 02

Race Three grid
1st Zachary David (MLT) US Racing  
2nd Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport  
3rd Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport  
4th Jonas Ried (D) PHM  
5th Valentin Kluss (D) PHM  
10th Samir Ben (CH) Jenzer Motorsport  

 f4d22 lausitzring 04

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race Three (30 minutes)

Sunday, 21/08/2022, 15.35, Weather: Cloudy, 22°C

f4d22 lausitzring 11

On Sunday afternoon the last race of the weekend started in front of a large crowd of spectators. The sun even made an attempt to appear. All the drivers seemed to be a bit electric and already on the first lap there were a lot of attacks and overtaking manoeuvres. This went on lap after lap until the end. On lap two, Rasmus took the lead from David. Rasmus managed to stay ahead for several laps until Barnard and Bedrin managed to use their experience to get past him into the lead. Rasmus came under pressure from Kluss later and fought a tough battle with him for the final podium spot. When the two crossed the finish line, a photo had to decide which was in 3rd place. Kluss had made it onto the podium with a lead of 3 thousandths of a second! Rasmus ended up in a brilliant but thankless 4th place. After the start, Nandhavud stayed in the leading group for a few laps, until he went wide a few times and the following competitors easily passed him. Nandhavud saw the finish in an excellent 6th place. Samir was involved in tough fights with Sauter and Liu. When Samir briefly came off the track, it ended in a spin for him. He was able to continue, but had lost places and now crossed the finish line in 11th place.

f4d22 lausitzring 10

Thanks to the good results this race weekend, Rasmus moved up to the top of the table in the rookie classification and Nandhavud moved up to 4th place in the rookie classification.

The next race meeting in the ADAC Formula 4 Championship is planned to take place on the weekend of 16th October 2022 at the Nürburgring (D).

Race Three Results
1st Taylor Barnard (GB) PHM 27:15.660  
2nd Nikita Bedrin (RUS) PHM Gap 0.290
3rd Valentin Kluss (D) PHM Gap 5.760
4th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
6th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport    
11th Samir Ben (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Taylor Barnard (GB) 1:24.875

Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN)

GTM522_081908274503994LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081908315804055LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081908394504218LS_LS.jpg

GTM522_081911342000491TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911345400497TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911354000508TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081911501400604TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911532100631TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081912000400728TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081912175700772TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081912225500950TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081912391401151TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081914102305053LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081917164806679JS_JS.jpg GTM522_081917455806884JS_JS.jpg

GTM522_082011164000603MC.jpg GTM522_082011322707740JS_JS.jpg GTM522_082011374307776JS_JS.jpg

GTM522_082011392407806JS_JS.jpg GTM522_082011424407839JS_JS.jpg GTM522_082011462402895TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_082011494302967TS_TS.jpg GTM522_082011512402988TS_TS.jpg GTM522_082012131707988LS_LS.jpg

GTM522_082012142608004LS_LS.jpg GTM522_082012151808032LS_LS.jpg GTM522_082012152103038TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_082012152303050TS_TS.jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (1).jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (6).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (7).jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53.jpg

Samir Ben (CH)

GTM522_081908231203817LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081908231503823LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081908261203944LS_LS.jpg

GTM522_081908333104083LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081911303000460TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911465100559TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081911572600667TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911593300699TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081912200800871TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081914101105046LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081917180106702JS_JS.jpg GTM522_081917184206946JS_JS.jpg

GTM522_081917185906954JS_JS.jpg GTM522_081917302307017JS_JS.jpg GTM522_081917454106871JS_JS.jpg

GTM522_082011425307853JS_JS.jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (12).jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (13).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (2).jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (4).jpg

Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA)

GTM522_081908245803905LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081908334104087LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081908400104238LS_LS.jpg

GTM522_081911290300442TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911310400462TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911352600502TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081911472200566TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911480600572TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081911533000634TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081912161600747TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081912205000882TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081912375601099TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_081912404601174TS_TS.jpg GTM522_081914101505050LS_LS.jpg GTM522_081917173206689JS_JS.jpg

GTM522_081917440806837JS_JS.jpg GTM522_081917444606842JS_JS.jpg GTM522_082011463902906TS_TS.jpg

GTM522_082011500802976TS_TS.jpg GTM522_082011515403002TS_TS.jpg GTM522_082011515407925JS_JS.jpg

GTM522_082014332409279LS_LS.jpg GTM522_082014344409297LS_LS.jpg GTM522_082014350909311LS_LS.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (14).jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (3).jpg WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (5).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-21 at 21.17.53 (8).jpg

 f4d22 lausitzring 06 f4d22 lausitzring 07

f4d22 lausitzring 08 f4d22 lausitzring 09

Championship Standings

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German 2022 after 15 races out of 18:
1st Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA), 253 points; 2nd Taylor Barnard (GBR), 219 points; 3rd Rafael Camara (BRA), 155 points; 4th Nikita Bedrin (RUS), 155 points; 5th Conrad Laursen (DK), 129 points; 6th Charlie Wurz (AUT), 111 points; 8th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN), 77 points; 15th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA), 22 points; 18th Samir Ben (CH), 7 points

1st Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN), 241 points; 2nd Rafael Camara (BRA), 225 points; 3rd James Wharton (AUS), 188 points; 4th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA), 120 points

2022 FIA F4 ADAC German Championship

22/23/24 April Spa (B)  
13/14/15 May Hockenheim (D)  
24/25/26 June Zandvoort (D)  
05/06/07 August Nürburgring (D)  
19/20/21 August Lausitzring (D)  
14/15/16 October Nürburgring (D)  

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