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Circuit: Spa-Francorchamps (B), Length 7.003 km, 22nd/23rd/24th April 2022

Ethan Ischer (CH), Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA), Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN)

A first point for Joutsimies in FIA F4 ADAC in Spa

The first of six race events featuring the 2022 FIA F4 ADAC German Championship was held at the legendary circuit of Spa-Francorchamps (B). There were 22 drivers on the entry list.
This was the first race event in Europe to feature the new generation (GEN2) FIA F4 cars, which must be introduced in all FIA F4 Championships from this season.
Actually, Samir Ben would also have started here with us, but his vehicle was delivered very late and very incomplete. Getting it race-ready in time was impossible.

f4d22 spa 01


Friday, 21/04/2022, 16.55 – 17.35, Weather: Overcast, 10°C

According to the regulations, there are two 30-minute free practice sessions per race and two 15-minute qualifying sessions, which are held with a short 10-minute break in between. The fastest time per driver from the first session counts for the starting grid of the 1st race, the fastest time per driver from the second session counts for the starting grid for the 2nd race. The 3rd race will start in the same way as the 2nd race ended, but with the eight drivers in reverse order. The three races each have a length of 30 minutes.

Results Quali 1, Race One grid
1st Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA) Prema 2.22.356
2nd Rafael Camara (ITA) Prema 2.22.566
3rd Marcus Amand (F) US Racing 2.23.049
15th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport 2:24.360
17th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 2:24.942
18th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport 2:25.051


Results Quali 2, Race Two grid
1nd Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA) Prema 2.22.295
2nd Charlie Wurz (AUT) Prema 2.22.757
3rd Conrad Laursen (DK) Prema 2.23.015
16th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport 1:31.984
18th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport 2:24.506
19th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 2:24.604


FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race One (30 minutes)

Saturday, 23/04/2022, 09.15, Weather: Cloudy, 10°C

Spa-Francorchamps weather was friendly and dry for the opening race of this year's championship. The start went well and the 21 race machines went on their way. Our three rookies also had a good start and soon were involved in several battles for positions. Rasmus managed to steadily improve throughout the race. In his first race in a formula car, he saw the checkered flag in an excellent 11th place. Nandhavud went a bit wide after the start and lost a few positions. It took a while before his tires were clean again and he found his rhythm. With this he reached the finish line in 15th place. Ethan, who was also driving his very first race in a Formula car, as already able to fight for positions with his rivals. He managed to get past Nandhavud and eventually overtook Sauter as well. Ethan crossed the finish line in 13th place after an exciting race.

Race One Results
1st Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA) Prema 31:22.908  
2nd Rafael Camara (BRA) Prema Gap 3.341
3rd Charlie Wurz (AUT) Prema Gap 6.938
11th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
13th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
15th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Rafael Camara (BRA) 2:23.730

f4d22 spa 03

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race Two (30 minutes)

Saturday, 23/04/2022, 11.20, Weather: Sunny, 13°C

Not long after the first race, the vehicles were brought to the pre-start again. In the second race it became apparent that everyone was already much more aggressive. There were some incidents. Rasmus and Nandhavud were also involved in minor clashes. Rasmus was pushed and spun, but was able to continue after that, albeit some way behind. Nandhavud ran into another car and had to return to the pit lane to have a new front wing fitted. He lost a lot of time as a result, but was ultimately able to finish the race as well. Ethan was involved in several battles for position. He had already made good progress, but towards the end he lost several places again. After an eventful race, our riders all finished, with Ethan in 13th, Rasmus in 14th and Nandhavud in 15th.

Race Two Results
1st Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA) Prema 31:27.165  
2nd Rafael Camara (BRA) Prema Gap 11.947
3rd James Wharton (AUS) Prema Gap 14.004
13th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
14th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
15th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA) 2:24.176


Race Three grid
1st Marcus Amand (FRA) US Racing  
2nd Jonas Ried (D) PHM  
3rd Taylor Barnard (GB) PHM  
13th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport  
14th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport  
15th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport  


FIA ADAC Formula 4 German Championship

Race Three (30 minutes)

Sunday, 24/04/2022, 09.15, Weather: Overcast, 10°C

The third race of the season started early on Sunday morning. A small accident happened immediately and the safety car took over the field. Rasmus and Nandhavud got off to a good start and were now 11th and 12th respectively. Ethan missed the start slightly and dropped to 15th. At the restart, Rasmus managed to overtake Flack and settled into 10th place. Nandhavud was now 13th and Ethan 14th. A few laps later Ethan tried to overtake but it didn't turn out well. He damaged his front wing and had to go back to the pits to get a new part. This dropped him to 20th place. Rasmus managed to bring home an excellent 10th place and thus a first point. Nandhavud finished right behind him in 11th place. Ethan took the checkered flag in 20th place.

The next race meeting in the ADAC Formula 4 series takes place in 3 weeks’ time, on the weekend of 15th May 2022 at the Hockenheimring (D).


Race Three Results
1st Rafael Camara (BRA) Prema 31:21.308  
2nd Kacper Sztuka (POL) US Racing Gap 0.524
3rd Conrad Laursen (DK) Prema Gap 1.030
10th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN) Jenzer Motorsport    
11th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA) Jenzer Motorsport    
20th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Conrad Laursen (DK) 2:24.956

f4d22 spa 02

Championship Standings

FIA ADAC Formula 4 German 2022 after 3 races out of 18:
1st Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA), 62 points; 2nd Rafael Camara (BRA), 61 points; 3rd Kacper Sztuka (POL), 30 points; 4th Conrad Laursen (DK), 27 points; 5th Charlie Wurz (AUT), 25 points; 6th Marcus Amand (FRA), 22 points; 12th Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN), 4 points; 14th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA), 1 point

1st Rafael Camara (BRA), 61 points; 2nd Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA), 50 points; 3rd Rasmus Joutsimies (FIN), 37 points; 5th Nandhavud Bhirombhakdi (THA), 30 points

2022 FIA F4 ADAC German Championship

22/23/24 April Spa (B)  
13/14/15 May Hockenheim (D)  
24/25/26 June Zandvoort (D)  
05/06/07 August Nürburgring (D)  
19/20/21 August Lausitzring (D)  
14/15/16 September Nürburgring (D)  

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