Press Release 07 / 2021

14th May 2021



The 10 teams of the FIA F3 Championship met on 12th and 13th May 2021 for the last two official “Pre-Season Test Days” at the Circuito de Jerez. These test days had been postponed from February to May and now took place right after the first race event of the season.

On the first morning our drivers managed the qualification simulation very well. Calan reached an excellent 7th place, Pierre-Louis was 9th and also in the top ten, and Filip was 23rd.
Long runs were traditionally held in the afternoon - racing simulations. Calan was 13th in the end, Pierre-Louis was 23rd and Filip was 27th.

The second morning was all about qualification again. Calan reached 15th place, Pierre-Louis was 18th and Filip was 26th.
In the afternoon we got down to business one last time. Calan shone again with a top ten position in 7th place. Pierre-Louis finished the test as an excellent 11th and Filip reached the very good 18th place.

Calan Williams (AUS)

JER_F3_DL-0238.jpg JER_F3_DL-5250.jpg JER_F3_DL-6762.jpg

JER_F3_DL-7027.jpg JER_F3_DL-7189.jpg JER_F3_DL-8809.jpg

JER_TEST_SR-1645.jpg JER_TEST_SR-2067.jpg JER_TST_SR-1171.jpg

JER_TST_SR-1182.jpg JER_TST_SR-1333.jpg JER_TST_SR-1355.jpg


© Dutch Photo Agency

Pierre-Louis Chovet (FRA)

JER_F3_DL-0259.jpg JER_F3_DL-5257.jpg JER_F3_DL-6743.jpg

JER_F3_DL-7037.jpg JER_F3_DL-7090.jpg JER_F3_DL-8664.jpg

JER_TEST_SR-1631.jpg JER_TST_SR-1130.jpg JER_TST_SR-1400.jpg

JER_TST_SR-1422.jpg JER_TST_SR-1953.jpg

© Dutch Photo Agency

Filip Ugran (ROM)

JER_F3_DL-0187.jpg JER_F3_DL-5020.jpg JER_F3_DL-6854.jpg

JER_F3_DL-6972.jpg JER_F3_DL-7055.jpg JER_F3_DL-8795.jpg

JER_TEST_SR-1621.jpg JER_TST_SR-1191.jpg JER_TST_SR-1322.jpg

JER_TST_SR-1431.jpg JER_TST_SR-1983.jpg

© Dutch Photo Agency

We are looking forward to the second event of the new season, which will take place on the weekend of 20th June as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix program in Paul Ricard (F).

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