Press Release 06 / 2021

22nd April 2021



The 10 teams of the FIA F3 Championship met on 22nd and 23rd April 2021 for the last two official pre-season test days at the Circuito de Catalunya near Barcelona (E). Calan Williams (AUS), Pierre-Louis Chovet (F) and Filip Ugran (ROM) did their best. Cool temperatures, clouds and rain showers made the days challenging.

The track was wet on the first morning. The opportunity to mount slick tyres only came just before noon. Our drivers took advantage of this moment and were able to show their potential. Pierre-Louis achieved excellent 2nd place, Filip was 6th and Calan 9th, all well placed in the top ten.
In the afternoon it started to drizzle again. For fast lap times it was depending when you were on track exacly, due to the varying conditions. Our drivers put the emphasis on long runs. At the end of the day Calan was 13th, Pierre-Louis was 26th and Filip was 27th.

The second morning was cool but dry. Our drivers showed their nerves in the simulated qualifying situation. Calan was now in 13th position, 0.561 seconds behind the fastest time. Pierre-Louis reached 14th place directly behind Calan. Filip managed 28th place.
In the afternoon they went back to business once more. Our drivers were now well prepared. Calan achieved the fastest time of the afternoon and Pierre-Louis was just behind him in excellent 3rd place. Filip finished in very good 12th place.

BAR_F3_DL-3310.jpg BAR_F3_DL-3806.jpg BAR_F3_DL-5256.jpg

BAR_F3_DL-5687.jpg BAR_F3_DL-5973.jpg BAR_F3_DL-6370.jpg

BAR_F3_DL-7022.jpg BAR_F3_DL-9266.jpg BAR_F3_DL-9642.jpg

BAR_F3_DL-9913.jpg BAR_F3_SR-3723.jpg BAR_F3_SR-3730.jpg

BAR_F3_SR-4027.jpg BAR_F3_SR-4215.jpg BAR_F3_SR-4295.jpg

BAR_F3_SR-4681.jpg BAR_F3_SR-4893.jpg BAR_F3_SR-4906.jpg

BAR_F3_SR-4912.jpg BAR_F3_SR-5238.jpg

(© Dutch Photo Agency)

We are excited to look forward to the start of the racing season, which takes place on the weekend of 9th May 2021 at Barcelona, where FIA F3 will again be part of the support program for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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