Press Release 04 / 2020

4th March 2020



The 10 FIA F3 teams reunited at the Bahrain International Circuit for three days of pre-season testing, from 1st to 3rd March 2020. With the sun shining over the circuit, Calan Williams, Matteo Nannini and Federico Malvestiti were eager to jump into their new cars and start preparing the season ahead.

On the first day, the main focus for our drivers was to get as many kilometres under their belts as possible in order to gain confidence with the car and the new track. Driving the car for the very first time and in this new tricky circuit, Matteo was the driver with most laps completed at the end of the day: 62. Together the three rookies completed a total of 163 laps.
Matteo closed the morning session in 16th March place, Federico was 19th March and Calan took 22nd March. In the afternoon the lap times began to improve, Federico finished the day in 11th March place, Calan in 23rd place and Matteo in 27th place.

The second day was windy and saw the team bringing on the program in view of the upcoming opening weekend. Calan, Federico and Matteo completed a total of 171 laps. Combining the laptimes of the two sessions, Matteo was placed 14th followed by Federico in 19th and Calan in 22nd.

During the third and final day of testing the drivers collected 158 laps together with very useful data. Some red flags were waved during the day which interrupted the work a little. Federico finished the morning session in 16th place, Matteo in 22nd and Calan in 23rd. In the last session of the three testing days Federico took 14th place, followed by Calan in 16th and Matteo in 21st place.

Now it’s time to put together all the data and everything learnt and get ready for the start of the new season. The first race weekend will take place in Bahrain on March 22nd as part of the support program for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Matteo Nannini: "They were three positive days. There is still a lot to do but I’m sure that before the race we will close the gap with the top ones. As for all the other drivers, this was my first time here and I really enjoyed the track"

1018050199-LAT-20200301-_31I7280-16.jpg 1018051748-LAT-20200302-_R3I1892.jpg 1018052757-LAT-20200303-_31I1178.jpg

1018052818-LAT-20200303-_31I1921.jpg 1018054349-LAT-20200303-_31I3562.jpg

Federico Malvestiti: “Three positive testing days. The potential is there. In general I am very happy with the work done together and I felt at ease with the team. I can’t wait to get back on track for the race”

1018048900-LAT-20200301-_L5R1583.jpg 1018050193-LAT-20200301-_31I7216-10.jpg 1018051689-LAT-20200302-_R3I1253.jpg

1018052189-LAT-20200302-_R3I4970.jpg 1018054385-LAT-20200303-_31I3839.jpg

Calan Williams: “I think there were some good improvements over the three days. Getting back into the car, learning the car and some new things was really good. As a team we worked well and I think there is definitely some good results to come”

1018050235-LAT-20200301-_31I7611-52.jpg 1018051613-LAT-20200302-_31I9247.jpg 1018052225-LAT-20200302-_R3I5527.jpg

1018052918-LAT-20200303-_R3I6650.jpg 1018052923-LAT-20200303-_31I2983.jpg

Please follow the news and results for the weekend on the FIA Formula 3 Championship website!

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